IV Sedation

If you're scared or anxious about your dental treatment, you deserve a caring and compassionate office staff that understands your concerns. Palmetto Dental Services has over 42 years of experience treating uneasy and fearful people. Our dentists and staff will discuss all of your treatment and sedation options before your dental procedure. 

Our “ Tri-light IV Sedation Dentistry" will put you in a twilight state, “between wakefulness and a very relaxing sleep. Many other offices that advertise sedation actually utilize Oral Sedation not IV Sedation. Oral conscious sedation (pills by mouth), is very inaccurate, very difficult to control, and can take most patients a long time to reach a comfortable level of relaxation. IV Sedation has proven to be the best method for relaxation & sedation

IV sedation has many other advantages:

    It’s very precise and easy to control the level of sleep and comfort for each patient

  • Better pain control
  • Better than average healing
  • More accomplished during each visit
  • Very few side effects
  • To the patient extensive or long dental procedures are perceived to take less time 
  • All of our patients request intravenous (IV Sedation), because they have little to no pain, no stress, and leave our office with little knowledge of the dental procedures performed.